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Truebond Marine Plywoods

Marine plywood has long been known as the “King” of plywood, and for good reason. It is a high performing product, suitable when “only the best will do”.

Selected hardwood veneers are bonded with BWP grade phenol formaldehyde resin using preservation of glue-line technology (PGL). Finished panels are then subjected to preservative treatment with CCA/CCB composition under vacuum-pressure impregnation. The dual preservation makes it safe from wood borers, termites and marine organisms. Furthermore, all our plywood have ISI 710 certification.

Our Grades




Truebond Commercial Plywoods

Thin Sheets of individual wood veneers (layers/slices of wood) are placed over each other and all these layers pressed and joined with each other to make a plywood sheet and the final finished plywood sheet called plywood. The commercial plywood is also known as MR Grade plywood.

The acronym MR stands for Moisture Resistant, but moisture resistant is not the same as water resistant. While it is true that moisture resistant plywood can withstand some amount of moisture and humidity, but it cannot be said to be waterproof. Commercial plywoods are Interior grade plywood, meaning it’s only for indoor use.

Truebond Film Faced Plywoods

Film faced plywood is lightweight, resistant to corrosion attack and water, easily combined with other materials and easy to clean and cut. Treating the film faced plywood’s edges with waterproof paint makes it highly water-and wear-resistant. Due to its durability and easily handled surface it can be used in open environment in construction and building e.g. warehouses, railway wagons, floors and sidewalls of trucks etc.

Coating the film faced plywood with high-quality import films ensures hardness and damage resistance. The surface of the film faced plywood is hygienic and resistant to strong detergents, which is important for farming constructions and storage of food products. It can be used in conditions of high temperature drop, influence of moisture, detergent cleaning and provides protection against termites.

Truebond MICA Board

Truebound Mica boards have a wide range of applications. Suitable for both horizontal and vertical applications, they can be used for all kinds of furniture. Some of the applications of Truebound Mica boards are:

  • Modular Kitchens — Carcass and Shutters
  • Healthcare
  • Offices
  • Bedroom Furniture
  • Living Room Furniture
  • Shopping Malls
  • Doors and Partitions
  • Hotels & Restaurant

Truebond PVC Sheets

Truebound PVC Sheets comes in two Grades depending on its density. Truebound PVC Sheets can be custom ordered in a thickness range varying from 5mm to 18mm, within which densities ranging from 0.50gm/cc to 0.55gm/cc. This unique advantage of Truebound PVC Sheets ensures that you can get Sheets of your preference haslefree within the shortest duration. Truebound PVC Sheets will match the exact specifications that your application demands.



Truebond MDF Board

Medium Density Fibre Board is an engineered wood product formed by first breaking softwood into wood fibres, combining the same with wax and resin and then forming panels by applying high temperature and pressure. It is a building material similar in application to plywood which is made of separated fibres, but not wood veneers and is denser than particle board.

Our Boards are having best routing characteristics due to special German Technology used to press the boards in a way so that compression pressure can reach to its core also thus making densified core which is required for high quality routing

Truebond HDF Boards

HDF board is a wood fibre board made from fine wood fibres. The board is homogeneous through and through, has a particular dense, smooth, surface which is harder than MDF board. Due to its flatness and excellent treatment possibilities HDF board can be cut, drilled, painted or processed in other ways.

HDF is the ideal substrate for pegboard and hardboard panels for store fixtures and P.O.P. displays. This material is an ideal substitute for tempered hardboard, at a lower cost. HDF forming lines have more master sheet sizes so that yields are better than sheets from single opening presses.

"HDF is a highly moisture resistant material which is stronger and harder than MDF"

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